1. I can receive help from the Financial Aid Office if I:

a.)  Make a one-on-one appointments by calling (716)878-4902.
b.)  Call the office at (716) 878-4902
c.)  Email the office at finaid@buffalostate.edu
d.)  Visit Moot Hall 230 during normal business hours to speak to a Financial Aid representative at the front Service Desk.
e.)  All of the above.

2. The Financial Aid Office will communicate with me primarily through:

a.)  My Buffalo State email address and Banner account. Therefore, I will monitor these technologies regularly to stay current.
b.)  Text message on my cell phone
c.)  My personal email address
d.)  Through my academic advisor

3. Financial aid has deadlines set by the federal government that cannot be appealed. When must your 2018-2019 FAFSA be received by Buffalo State to process fall 2018 aid for you?

a.)  Ideally, my FAFSA should be submitted at least a few months before the semester begins to allow for processing time, submit required documents, and to make payment arrangements if the aid offered is not enough to pay the bill. At the latest, it must be received before I stop attending for the semester or before the semester ends, whichever happens first.
b.)  It must be received before classes start.
c.)  This is a trick question; there are no deadlines.
d.)  The deadline is the due date for the bill.

4. I must be full-time to receive federal aid.

a.)  True
b.)  False

5. I can apply for a textbook deferment to purchase my textbooks if

a.)  I have more financial aid than my charges (In other words, I am expecting a refund).
b.)  I am registered full-time.
c.)  I live on campus.
d.)  I am a New York State resident.

6. To receive a Federal Student Loan

a.)  I must accept the offered loan(s) in Banner.
b.)  I must complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note.
c.)  I must be enrolled in a least six credit hours of required coursework.
d.)  I must be meeting federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.
e.)  All of the above.

7. The GPA needed to maintain eligibility for federal student aid (grants, loans, work-study) is

a.)  2.0 for undergraduates; 3.0 for graduates
b.)  2.5 for undergraduates; 3.5 for graduates
c.)  2.0 for undergraduates and graduates
d.)  None; financial aid is an entitlement regardless of grades

8. If I withdraw from all of my classes after the first week of classes

a.)  I may need to repay federal financial aid I already received for the semester.
b.)  My aid eligibility in future semesters may be negatively affected.
c.)  I am still financially liable for my college charges.
d.)  All of the above.

9. Financial aid has time limits and lifetime limits. To ensure I don't lose eligibility for financial aid before graduating, I should do the following:

a.)  Meet with my advisor regularly and use Degree Works to ensure I am taking required coursework.
b.)  Borrow loans conservatively.
c.)  Utilize the Career Development Center if I am unsure of my major or career decisions.
d.)  Plan ahead to ensure courses are offered when I need to take them.
e.)  All of the above.